Iontophoresis Treatment – Iontophoresis Machine Comparison

What is iontophoresis?

Iontophoresis is a process that was designed to treat excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is a condition that affects approximately 7.8 million people from around the world, for each one of these people they have to go through the stigmatization and embarrassment of sweating in public.

With the purchase of an iontophoresis machine you can start to get rid of that uncomfortable feeling you get from sweating in public. Using small amounts of electricity, an iontophoresis machine treats the sweat glands in the areas affected.

This treatment has varying success rates, especially depending on the area targeted. While feet may be up to a 98.5% success rate, armpit and underarm treatment is around 70%.

Typical iontophoresis treatment starts out at 3 treatments per week. This continues on until you have the desired dryness in the treatment area. Then treatments drop down to one per week for most people.

Treatment can become more or less frequent depending on the severity of the hyperhidrosis.

Many different parts of the body can be treated with an iontophoresis device. Here are just some:

  • Armpits
  • Feet (very effective)
  • Hands (very effective)
  • Facial, forehead, and Scalp
  • Armpit/Underarm
  • Legs


Pros of Iontophoresis Machines

Iontophoresis machines are one of the safest medical devices out there and that alone is a very big pro. That fact also means that there will be a lot of other benefits out there.

  • Only weakly treatments are required after initial treatment phase
  • Very versatile treatment options
  • Inexpensive
  • Very little risk to the body (safe to use)
  • Improved confidence
  • Insurance will cover FDA approved devices


Cons of Iontophoresis

Nothing is perfect and these machines are not about to break that rule. They do come pretty close however.

  • Initial treatment phase is 3 times per week
  • Electricity settings need to monitored to determine proper treatment
  • Water cannot be too soft
  • May require a prescription and referral depending on your state and insurance
  • Potential Side Effects

In the modern medical world you are used to seeing a long list of side effects and potential disadvantages of treatments. With this treatment that is different. The process is extremely safe and even painless if you use a device with pulsed current. Some people may notice the following side effects:

  • A tingling feeling
  • Dryness of the skin
  • Blistering, peeling, and/or irritation of the treatment area

Most side effects from this treatment will go away with time and can be treated with moisturizer or over the counter hydrocortisone.


Buying an Iontophoresis Machine

We have done some research and found some of the best machines on the market. Each one of these machines was picked because they have a 4.5 star rating or above. They are also picked because they have been found to be among the most effective on the market. One of them even holds the record for most effective in clinical studies across the world.

Keep reading to find your next iontophoresis device and to change your life forever…


Top Iontophoresis Machines

ImageIontophoresis MachineCurrent TypeCoupon CodePrice
Electro Antiperspirant ElitePulsed Current


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top iontophoresis machineHidrex PSP-1000Pulsed Current


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cheap device with coupon codeIontocure iD-100Direct Current

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Idromed 5 PSPulsed Current


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R.A Fisher unitR.A Fischer MD-1aDirect Current


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Electro Antiperspirant Elite

From Electro Antiperspirant comes the Electro Antiperspirant Elite, a very well rated device. With the addition of extra applicators, you can treat many of the regions of the body that suffer from hyperhidrosis. This unit is both battery powered and AC wall powered and as such can be used for both home and away usage.

In clinical trials this device provided 100% effectiveness. This is the only device in the world to do so. It is also the only unit on our list which allows for treating both the hands and the feet at the same time.

With a high level of control options, it is acceptable for both home and clinic usage. It comes with an EU certificate but this machine is yet to be approved by the FDA for the US market. Despite the high cost, you will be getting a very effective unit. For those on a budget, you can get a lower version from their website.


Iontocure iD-100

The Iontocure iD-100 is yet another highly rated device. In fact, it is rated the best unit for those who are seeking affordability and quality in the same device. It also comes with a lot of positive reviews. Everything you need to treat both the hands and the feet is included with this device.

You will notice that the Iontocure iD-100 machine is missing FDA approval. One will also find that this device is only capable of treating the feet and hands.


PSP-1000 Iontophoresis Device Package

With the power of a Hidrex, this unit has sold over 20,000 devices. With a modern look, it isn’t all about appearances with this device. It is flexible and capable of delivery both direct and variable pulse. The success rate is very high with this device and it is FDA approved.

As far as iontophoresis machines go, this unit is relatively expensive but it is also one of the most effective on the market. In fact, it is among the most expensive public use devices. There is also a lower model of this unit available for around $695.00.


R.A. Fischer Iontophoresis Unit MD-1a

You might look at the R.A. Fischer Unit MD-1a and think that it looks pretty bland and we wouldn’t argue that with you. With the appearance of professional medical equipment, this unit is powerful. It is also FDA approved meaning insurance might be able to cover part or all of the cost of the device.

For those that want to be able to treat the underarm area, you can order sponge pads for the unit.

In order to purchase the R.A. Fischer Unit MD-1a  you will need to get a prescription. Without the assistance of insurance, the device is also pretty expensive.


Idromed 5 PS

The look of this little device is quite unique but the display screen helps to make it a very extensive machine. You can monitor just about everything the unit is doing.

A variety of body part pads and treatment equipment can be purchased in order to increase the areas treatable by the Idromed 5 PS. With a two year warranty and 8 week money back guarantee this is a pretty safe buy.

The major con of this device is that it is relatively expensive, running around $710 or 675 euros. It is another one of the most expensive units you will find on our website. The screen on this device contributes towards the overall cost.

Buying an iontophoresis machine is a big step in your life. We don’t just mean that cost wise either. Without excessive sweating in your life you will find that you are able to wear the clothes you want and feel more confident in yourself. At an average of only one treatment required per week, you will find that it is also easy to accommodate.

Take the time to read through each of the devices listed here and visit the seller’s website. This will give you all of the information that you need to make the right decision on the device to treat your hyperhidrosis.




Dr. Gary C. Anderson M.D is a Surgeon who specializes in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. During the past 20 years, he has performed over 2000 sympathectomy procedures on patients with sweating of the underarms, hands, face, scalp or blushing.
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