Feelings Expressed by Patients

You will never know quite how horrible hyperhidrosis is, unless you suffer from it yourself. Below you can find some quotes that really convey the emotions of sufferers on a deep level so you can get more of an insight or you might even possibly relate to some of these scenarios.


“I thought that I was the only person who suffered from this problem, I didn’t even know there was a name for it until recently! My doctor told me that I would have to learn to live with it but now I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel if I decide to go through with treatment.”


“It’s so embarrassing taking part in school activities, which is something that I really used to enjoy. Breaking out in a sweat without warning is just too big of a risk and my friends will not understand. I wanted to be student body president but my facial sweating and blushing has put a soul crushing end to that.”


“My sweating leaves me with such anxiety that I make excuses not to spend time with my friends now. I used to be a social butterfly but now I feel like I’m a shell of my former self”


“My sweating nearly made me lose my job! I was studying as a chef in a New York culinary school and got accused of spitting into the batter. It was actually my hands dripping with sweat and now I am considering giving up my passion before of fear of such an event again in the future.”


“My girlfriend sadly asked me why I don’t touch her one day, thinking that I was not attracted to her anymore. The sad fact is I was scared of my hot and clammy hands being a turn off. I told her about my problem and she says she understands but it’s still a real relationship test to go through this.”


“I am not even considering dating and that is all because of my hyperhidrosis.”


“Missing out on my high school prom due to my sweating is definitely the worst thing I have faced so far.”


“I’m a student in college, I am considered quite attractive but I’m scared to go out and meet men due to my excessive sweating.”


“I was almost too scared to join college due to the nervousness I feel when I have to meet strangers for the first time.”


“My husband is very social and enjoys attending parties, I’m often too nervous to do so however due to my sweating.”


“It breaks my heart that my four year old son doesn’t want to hold my hands because they are too sweaty.”


“I am scared of dropping my baby with my clammy hands, so I pick her up with a towel.”


“I avoid meeting people and having to shake hands with them. I do this by making sure that I am the last one in or first one out to attend a conference or church meeting. I hope people don’t see me as rude as a result of this.”


“I was so nervous about sweating at the wedding of the man of my dreams that I made the drastic decision to call off the wedding. We have not been over for a year and my decision haunts me every single day!”


“I was maid of honor at my best friends wedding but I almost pulled out. I thought I would ruin the dress but I went through with it, things weren’t perfect due to my hyperhidrosis but I did get through in one piece.”


“My husbands congregation openly accused me of being rude and snobbish because of how quiet I am. I was simply avoiding human contact because of my sweating but explaining this was a very difficult conversation to have.”


“My face turns bright red wherever I am or whatever I do, I detest it and wish this problem would just go away!”


“I’ve become much more reserved and take less risks due to my hyperhidrosis and I feel like it has changed me as a person.”


“Sweat dripping onto my keyboard is something that I have to deal with daily as a computer programmer. I’m happy that I work alone a lot but I always dread anyone coming into my cubicle and noticing the issue”


“I don’t let hyperhidrosis stop me, I have done a lot in my life including starting a successful law firm but I just want this gone for good now.”


“NOBODY in my life understands what I go through as a result of this condition, not even my mom and dad.”


“I have messed up job interviews and important meetings due to anxiety about my excessive sweating and blushing problem.”


“I have to be really careful in the clothes that I wear because my armpits are always wet which leaves marks on my shirts.”


“I even sweat when I am home alone and doing nothing strenuous at all, it’s like the hyperhidrosis just likes to taunt me.”


“Being an artist has always been my dream and I decided to study this but unfortunately I had to change my major. I could not even hold a paintbrush, pen or pencil properly due to my sweating, it basically ruined my ideal career and something I was really good at.”


“My husband complains that I never touch him at night but when I do, he says my hands are wet and clammy! It’s affecting my relationship and I feel like there is nothing I can do about it.”


“In school I have to give presentations often, people assume I am nervous or ill because of how my face gets red and sweaty but it’s just because of my hyperhidrosis!”


“My sweating is quite psychological but it’s also something that I cannot control. If I think about sweating, I’ll do it and it progresses until the problem is unmanageable.”


“Interrogation is part of my job as an FBI agent, it’s quite unnerving however when I am the one sweating and the one being questioned is as cool as a cucumber! I feel like I am not taken as serious as I would like to be because of this.”


“I wear contact lenses, my hands got my lenses sweaty which resulted in my eyes burning and a nasty infection that soon followed.”


“I played a piano recital but I messed it up as the keys were wet and slippery with my sweat. I ran out embarrassed and haven’t returned to the piano since.”



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Dr. Gary C. Anderson M.D is a Surgeon who specializes in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. During the past 20 years, he has performed over 2000 sympathectomy procedures on patients with sweating of the underarms, hands, face, scalp or blushing.