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Top 10 Foods That Reduce Excessive Sweating

Do you always have to shower obsessively and perhaps keep swiping a whole mound of antiperspirant every hour? If Yes, you’re definitely one of the few people battling an excessive sweating disorder. In the case of a mild form of hyperhidrosis you shouldn’t worry too much since you can easily reduce the problem by eating right. As such, this short article highlights a few diets that lower sweating. Continue reading to discover some foods that reduce excessive sweating.   Water-Dense...
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Hyperhidrosis Prevalence is More Common than Scientists Thought

If you are suffering or know someone who suffers from hyperhidrosis, you are well aware of the detrimental impact that it has on a person’s physical, social and mental well-being. This silent disability affects the quality of life of millions. However, a new study shows that hyperhidrosis is much more common than previously thought. Researchers have found evidence that proves that hyperhidrosis is more prevalent and socially crippling than previously anticipated. A new study published in Dermatological Research Archives shows...
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